Most people enjoy a clean home, but many do not have the time or energy to clean their homes properly after a full day at work. Our employees at Star Maids Cleaning Solutions Silver Spring take extra special care in cleaning your home. We pride ourselves on being professionals who bring to your home that fresh and clean smell.

All our employees are extensively trained to do commercial and residential cleaning and make sure that all our customers are completely satisfied. We bring our own equipment and supplies unless you prefer otherwise. We use only the finest quality products, and we can offer nontoxic cleaning as well.

Our Star Maids use the Kenmore vacuum cleaner which picks up at least 99.97% of all airborne elements that float around the air, that are 0.3 micrometers in size. The HEPA filter or (high-efficiency particulate air) will clean your home and leave your air fresh. The Kenmore canister vacuum that we use is one of the best on the market, and we trust it to get the job done right every time.

Some Benefits of Having Your Home Cleaned by Professionals

Families have busy schedules with the adults working and kids going to school, baseball games, or swim meets. Keeping a house clean is a major job. Our Star Maids cleaning services are more than happy to clean your home and make it safe for your family. We can make a schedule that fits your plans and budget for regular cleaning of your home.

For Residential Cleaning We Include

  • ceilings
  • floors
  • windows
  • bathrooms
  • kitchens
  • living rooms
  • bedrooms
  • carpeting
  • tile
  • hardwood areas

Our Star Maids take care of every surface thoroughly to make sure your home is sparkling when you arrive home.

For Commercial Cleaning

We make sure that your office space is clean and free of germs. We know that you want to impress your customers with a clean and tidy office. We will make sure that your offices are spotless and smell fresh. Our maids will give your staff a safe place to work so employee sick days are cut way down.

Deciding the Cost

At Star Maids Cleaning Solutions in Silver Spring, we know that many different factors will be involved in the cost of cleaning your residential home. It will depend on:

  • where you are located
  • how many times a month
  • number of people in the home
  • number of pets in the home
  • and the depth of cleaning required

Homeowners will receive a written quote as to the cost of their cleaning services and what will be included, before we get started. In some cases, the first visit will cost a bit more. This is because we need to get the residential cleaning up to our standards, and it will take a little extra time.

Our Personal Touch

We get to know all Star Maids who are our employees. We know them on a personal level, and a professional level. All our StarMaids are insured and bonded, and they receive an extensive training course that reinforces their skills to clean to our high standards, and yours.

We prefer to send the same maids to your residence each time. If you are on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, it is likely that the same maids will come to your home each time. If you are on a monthly or as needed schedule, then we try to send out the same people, but that is not always able to be done. We hope all our customers will understand that sometimes a substitute will need to be sent out to your home.

Let us show you how we can relieve some stress in your home by sending out a professional Star Maids cleaning team to your home.