Without a doubt, we live on a planet that is in danger of environmental chaos. We, as residents of this earth, need to find ways in our daily routines to take steps to avoid becoming a contributor to the deterioration of this place we all call home. And it should start with the products we use in our living and work areas.

Going Green With How We Clean

Non Toxic Cleaning Services Silver Spring

Today, it is more recognizable than ever that a lot of us are taking a stand to combat the use of anything that can be harmful to us and the atmosphere. We are substantially more aware of chemicals in our products – the ones that we use to clean our homes and offices. Therefore, cleaning services such as Star Maids Cleaning Solutions Silver Spring, have taken a stand to accommodate our desires of using nontoxic cleaning solutions, when requested.

However, if you are someone who is still uneducated about nontoxic cleaning solutions, it is easily explained. Basically, it is finding and using all-natural cleaning products that do not obtain any chemical components or smells. You could also call this method of cleaning – Green Cleaning.

A Green Cleaning Solution for the Beginner and for Busy People

To further explain how Star Maids Cleaning Solutions Silver Spring uses their cleaning services for a greener lifestyle, they use simple ingredients mixed with essential oils to disinfect. The scents are fabulous, and your space will be spotless. Below you will find a list of essential oils that can be used in cleaning. Also, examples of the simple ingredients you can mix with them for a safe and toxin-free environment.

Cinnamon Essential Oil – Three to four drops of this oil mixed with a gallon of water will clean your kitchen counters, bathroom counters, and floors while leaving a welcoming smell we all like in our homes.

Thyme Essential Oil – Did you know that you can use Thyme Essential Oil to concoct a dish soap that will clean all your utensils, dishes, and countertop items? Well, you can, and it is as easy as mixing Thyme oil with water and a few other simple ingredients together.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – The Tea Tree Essential Oil can be infused to make the best all-purpose formula to clean any area of your house or office. Take 3 cups of water and add in 10 drops of the tea tree oil and 1/2 a cup of apple cider vinegar and you will have a great disinfectant cleaner.

Oregano Essential Oil – About 20 drops of this oil mixed with 2 cups of water and a few spoonful’s of castile soap will also clean many surfaces in your home and office and is considered another great all-purpose cleaner.

Peppermint Essential Oil – This oil can tackle hard surfaces with a simple mixture of water or it can become an all-purpose cleaner when mixed with even amounts of peppermint oil and the lemon essential oil along with a very small amount of apple cider vinegar.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Do you have an issue with mold and mildew? Then this essential oil mixed with some hot water will rid your home of that problem.

Clove Essential Oil – Clove is also used for mold and mildew. Mix some with water and spray down the areas like corners of showers and under toilet rims where mold and mildew like to grow.

Lemon Essential Oil – We all love the smell of lemon and in the past bought products infused with the scent. However, why not take this oil and infuse it in an all-natural way to clean. Lemon Essential Oil is great to clean your windows and wood floors.

All of the above oils are great to replace other household cleaning products that have harmful toxic levels. The best thing about using essential oils is that there is a bevy of mixtures you can make for just the right smell that will invigorate your senses. Essential oils are also used for many different uses besides cleaning.

Start Green Cleaning Today

Finally, if you are a person who is new to the green living lifestyle, then the above tips are a good starting place to incorporate it into your cleaning ritual. If you happen to be a busy person and need to hire cleaning services, then Star Maids Cleaning Solutions Silver Spring in Maryland is the only call to make. Call today and let us help you clean and go green.