Our Customer Satisfaction

Starmaids is an excellent, reliable, honest and high quality cleaning company. Janaina oversees the operation; she is always accessible, interested in meeting our needs, and checks often to make certain that the cleaning is being done right and well. Plus she is an extremely pleasant person to deal with. My team of two cleaners always shows up on time, they work quickly but thoroughly, and are willing to take on special requests as needed. They routinely clean all 4 bathrooms, launder the sheets and towels for the master bath and change the master bed linens, and of course vacuum, dust, and damp mop the wood floors. They are careful and have not broken anything (unlike other cleaners I have experienced). I am very happy with Starmaid’s services, I have used them for about 1.5 years and highly recommend them.

Christine T.

We had StarMaids clean the main floor of our home, and we were highly impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the cleaning, so much so that we are continuing with monthly cleanings. The floors in particular looked great, and the attention to detail with all our surfaces was also impressive. Jane, the owner, is very responsive and accommodating. We have tried other cleaning services before but we never fully satisfied until we found StarMaids.

Elsa R.

They are always punctual and communicative, which is hard to find with most cleaning services. I

like that it’s always the same people so I don’t have to repeat instructions every time they come. Very

happy with their work thus far!

Jennifer Q.

We have been with them for over 6 months (every 2 weeks). The owner and staff are highly professional and responsive. We like that it’s the same team that comes in each time. If we have any questions or concerns, they are immediately addressed. Highly recommended!

Debora S.

Excellent! The cleaning team has remained consistent — in terms of personnel and quality. The owner is meticulous, responsive, and personable—a very clear communicator and a pleasure to work with. Our cleaning team have learned our home and family’s needs and not only have done what we’ve specifically requested but also have come up with ideas on their own to help our house stay clean and organized. They are kind, professional, hard-working, and efficient. Most importantly, they really seem to take pride in their work and go above and beyond!

Brian T.

Starmaid Cleaners are superb. We’ve been using them each week for over two years. We’ve had numerous cleaning services in the past and non compare to Starmaid Cleaners. Most cleaning services have a list of tasks and run through them without noticing if the task is done right. They wipe the baseboards, but if my toddler spilled yogurt on the baseboard they would just wipe right over it. Starmaid Cleaners takes time to make sure the baseboards are clean. They are super responsive. When I text Janiene to ask for an extra add-on service (e.g., wipe out the fridge), to reschedule or, most often, to praise their work, she responds quickly and professionally. Lastly, I trust the team 100% in my home. I highly recommend Starmaid Cleaners!

Holly M.

Jane’s team does a great job every week. When they started, they identified projects to knock down to get us in shape and now they maintain our space weekly! Office cleaning.

James K.

Excellent service and work. Very thorough and detailed and they are even very conscious of my pets! We’ve had several housekeepers over the years and StarMaids is our go to.

Josh T.

Excellent. I have already recommended them to 3 friends in my community. I love the look and smell of my house when they finish. The 2 women who come go through the house in excellent time cleaning every inch.

Ellen W.

Our cleaning team is friendly, punctual, and always the same so we have gotten to know them over the past couple years. They do a good job and are trustworthy and reliable. If we need something adjusted or have specific instructions, they are open to that and we highly recommend them.

Ashim S.

They are great! They show up as promised, do the work, and leave my place locked and secured.

Graham K.

It went very well in terms of work quality, courtesy, common sense cleaning, and pay rate.

Marian L.

I’ve used this service since moving into my new home a year ago. They clean my 3.5 bath, 3 bedroom townhouse from top to bottom. Makes my life easier and cleaner.

Elizabeth P.

Great! Jane’s team are kind, thorough, trustworthy, & do magic with our messy home!

Janice S.

Very well— quick, efficient, thorough.

Toni B.

Great job!!! Always I have had there service for two years.

Sumar Y.

Thorough cleaning; personal items greatly respected; note a hurried job; prompt response given tod relayed concerns; specific requests generally honored. Great team!

Pat H.

You won’t find a more professional, efficient, and pleasant team to have in your home then StarMaids they easily earned five stars from us!