Commercial Cleaning

We ensure your business not only looks clean, but is a healthy and attractive environment for you, employees and customers.

At StarMaids Cleaning Solutions,  we are dedicated to excellent service the first time and every time.

Everyone spends a great deal of time at work every day, and knowing that your place of business is well-maintained and kept clean is a huge relief.

We realize that cleanliness is vital to productivity in the workplace. It might be surprising to learn that office desks contain as many germs as a bathroom toilet. Studies have shown that these germs contribute to the average employee using more sick days. Effective office cleaning that includes thorough deep cleaning and disinfecting services, helps that statistic to dramatically decrease.

Our employees are experts  in cleaning and can service your place of business daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed so that you can focus on your business.

Some of our current commercial clients include: offices, religious institutions, childcare facilities, healthcare  offices and a fitness center.

Cleaning Services for Commercial Offices

Cleaning your office is a challenging task especially if it has not been cleaned for quite a while. However, it is a task that cannot be ignored because it makes your business look dirty, it also affects the health of your employees. This is exactly why you need to engage a professional cleaning company to help you out. The following are the benefits of employing professional cleaning services.

You can be assured of excellent services when you hire a professional cleaning company. If you engage to such a company monthly or regularly, your office will always be clean.  A specialized cleaning company can handle all kinds of cleaning services within a few minutes or hours. You can be sure of quick implementation of tasks irrespective of the cleaning service you want.  The most popular reason why companies hire a commercial cleaning service is that they want to save countless hours without vacuuming floors, cleaning carpets, washing windows, cleaning office tables and getting rid of garbage. Hiring a professional service has many advantages, and the choice depends on your business’s needs.

Hiring a reliable and experienced cleaning company can be a simple process if you pay attention to the following:

–  Price range?  Is the cleaning company within your budget?

–  Is the company insured?

–  Do they perform criminal background checks of all employees?

–  Do all employees have a formal education in the chosen field?

–  Does the company offer any sort of guarantee?

Essentially, you are trying to determine if the company you chose is solid and reliable. By asking questions like the examples mentioned above, you can make sure there are no hidden surprises. All trusted cleaning services should have an extensive list of services that cover key areas of the office, including meeting rooms, kitchen and bathroom areas, all desk areas, windows, furniture and floors (wood, tiles, carpets or a combination of all of them).

Security is an important issue for any company that needs to hire a cleaning service. If you trust people you do not know are about to enter your facility and clean up everything, you should make sure they are trustworthy and, above all, honest. To do this, you must be able to locate a cleaning team that can provide complete and exhaustive references.  By choosing Star Maids Cleaning Solutions, are can rest assured with leaving the door keys or the security codes of your business.

When it comes to payments, the major credit cards are generally the most accepted form of payment. The fee structure of each service may vary. Some charge an hourly rate, while others charge a certain fee for all their services. Some companies require a prepayment process for unique services, while payments made under an annual contract are normally expected at the time of service. It is worth remembering that many offices and home cleaning services offer discounted rates in exchange for signing an annual contract that lasts a full year.

Communication is the key to dealing with your cleaning company. Therefore, make sure you always contact us if you have questions or would like further information on our Commercial Cleaning Services.


Commercial clients are invoiced monthly. You may pay by check, cash, direct deposit or PayPal. No credit card is stored electronically.

Outstanding balance must be paid prior to the next cleaning. Returned checks are subject to a $25 processing fee.